Root Canals

Updated: 2/27/2017 7:15:26 AM

You may find that your gums will be sore for a while after many different dental treatments.

Updated: 2/26/2017 3:59:00 AM

When you hear a clicking sound every time you chew, you probably have TMJ issues. When you want to stay healthy and have fewer dental problems, see the dentist on a regular basis.

Updated: 2/25/2017 2:52:07 PM

We can match composite material to your teeth so nobody will know you've had a filling put in.

Updated: 2/23/2017 3:15:32 AM

If the tissue around your teeth is destroyed by bacteria, you will need to have periodontal treatments.

Updated: 2/21/2017

There is a link between gum disease and many other diseases in the body, including heart disease and strokes.

Updated: 2/20/2017

It is a good idea to form good dental habits so you can keep your teeth for your entire life.

Updated: 2/19/2017

Resin that is cured with an ultraviolet light can be placed over your teeth and polished to match your other teeth.

Updated: 2/19/2017

Losing your teeth at an early age may mean you need to change your diet and eat better.

Updated: 2/19/2017

Dental implants are done when you lose a tooth and the root is damaged.

Updated: 2/19/2017

You may need a teeth whitening treatment if you have badly stained or yellowed teeth.

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root canals
root canals